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DELV is a leading Australian technology innovator — relentlessly applying a global lens of innovation to help enhance employee experiences.

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We embrace tech challenges as opportunities for innovation. With extensive experience and a dedication to staying ahead of emerging technologies for mobile devices (handhelds, smartphones) we provide cutting-edge solutions to help our clients thrive.

Let's guide you through the ever-changing digital landscape to help you leverage the latest tech for success.

Meet our Products

OneFleet + SmartLockers

An Australian sovereign user and device lifecycle management solution for any organisation's device fleet. Trusted by governments, financial sector organisations, charities and many other organisations, large and small.

PROMPTO is available within our OneFleet service, enabling our users to get support faster, sooner, and happier.


PROMPTO is a new experience for enterprises focused on breaking down their cultural barriers to enable employee connections, enhancing speed of response and productivity.

Adopt, connect, get going for new Employee experiences! Improve your communications, today!

Enterprise App Development

Need a rapid solution for your enterprise? When the Commonwealth Government needed a fast response for building an initial app for Coronvirus info, they turned to DELV, and we delivered it within 10 business days.

Enhance your Product with AI

Looking to supercharge your existing products with AI capabilities? DELV is your answer! Our extensive experience in enterprise app development makes it easy for us to seamlessly integrate ChatGPT features into your products. Plus, our substantial investment in AI research gives us a unique advantage to offer previously unavailable AI capabilities. Elevate your business to the next level with DELV's cutting-edge AI solutions!

Innovation with Emerging Technology

[ A Global lens, locally applied ]


It's about you, the employee

All effort at DELV is directed to enriching your experience, reducing friction, putting power into your hands through convergence of mobile, AI, and connectivity. Government and businesses trust DELV when it matters.


We started with Mobile Management

Trusted by governments and financial institutions, DELV began as an innovator with providing state of the art mobility management. This is still a core business for us, which we call OneFleet.


enterprise app & mobile development

Our decades of experience has been called to serve the national interest, most recently when the Pandemic hit and the Commonwealth Government required the Coronavirus app to be built and deployed to the respective App Stores in record time.


intelligent automation and smart lockers

DELV was first-mover applying automation, smart locker technologies, and optimising algorithms to improve employee experiences with handset replenishment, migrations, and lifecycle of mobiles.


expanding our workflow capabilities

Extending our partnership ecosystem to include ServiceNow, DELV is developing plug-ins that will connect its products with new markets and opportunities - again, centred on the employee experience.


super powers, courtesy of AI

With imminent upgrades to core products and services with AI, DELV's growing AI development skills and capabilities offer our customers unique opportunities to further improve productivity and reduce friction in their employee experiences.


Web3 and enabling tomorrow's talent to thrive

Featuring in the Canberra innovation scene since inception, DELV continues to take a global lens on emerging technology and help enable it thrive in its base. With PhD scholarships in blockchain and other enabling web3 technology, DELV provides a financial enablement to our local talent.


Ideation Consulting

We're an ideas company. Customers seek our ability to help them find solutiosn through problem framing. Whether it be helping national issues (like Coronavirus information sharing) or enterprise optimistion, DELV can help with your ideation.


DELV's Industry-Leading Internship Program

DELV began an altruistic Intern Program that equips students with employability skills. Initially offering this to our University of Canberra partner, in 2023 it will be extended to be offered to other universities who want to give their students an advantage.

Our Story

Founded in 2006, Delv offers technology solutions for organisations seeking to explore new ways of doing business and wanting to thrive in a digital world. Delv is made up of a curated group of creatives, strategists, consultants, technologists, designers, engineers, partnerships and experts who work together to create frictionless experiences between customers and their technology.


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